Wednesday, July 27, 2016

LED Light Case

Available for :
Iphone 4, 4g, 4s
Iphone 5, 5g, 5s
Iphone SE
Iphone  6, dan 6s
Iphone 6+, dan 6+s
Samsung E5
Samsung J1
Samsung J5
Samsung J7
Samsung Grand Prime

Motif :

Bahan High Quality Siftcase Jelly, tidak merusak Hp, LED bisa menyala kelap kelip saat ada call . message. Very Recomended

All Ready Stock
Harga Grosir-an ! Termurah !

Harga hanya Rp 40.000

Order Silakan Contact kami :
Line@ : @casemurah_shop1
Line@ : @SZX9941A
(Pakai @)
BBM : D9505ECB
WA : 089652811573
Instagram : @casemurah_shop

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*Sebelum / Sesudah melihat gambarnya bisa di lihat dahulu list sold nya yah sis, untuk mengecek stock yang sedang sold out ^^

LED Case
Rp 40.000
LED Case
Rp 40.000

LED Case
Rp 40.000

LED Case
Rp 40.000

LED Case
Rp 40.000

LED Case
Rp 40.000


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